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A Promise to My Wife Who Passed Away

Name:Grandpa Chen



Diagnosis:Ischemic Stroke

Treatment period:Jan. 26 - Feb. 17, 2017 (22 days, 10 treatments)

A Sweet Promise Between Husband and Wife

Grandpa and grandma Chen have been running a small grocery shop they opened together when they were teens for 60 years. To support their family, they worked tirelessly everyday, never taking a single day off work. However, it killed grandpa Chen to see his beautiful wife work so hard. Thus, it became one of grandpa Chen’s biggest dreams to one day take grandma Chen travelling around Taiwan. They made a promise to each other that once they retired, they would go on a long vacation, visiting all the places grandma Chen has always wanted to visit. It was this sweet secret promise between the two of them that got them through all the pain and hardships throughout the years.

Unfortunately, just when their dream was within reach, grandma Chen fell ill. Grandpa Chen had to close the grocery story to take care of grandma Chen, and the car they saved up for years to buy for the trip, was used instead to commute to and from the hospital. The next seven years, grandpa Chen worked even harder than he had when he was running the grocery store. He was always by his wife’s bedside, battling her battle with the disease alongside her. He promised her that as soon as she got better, they would go on their trip, he already had the bags packed.

But grandma Chen never made it.

Overcome with grief, grandpa Chen’s body gave up. The many years of sleepless nights caused grandpa Chen to suffer from a stroke. Grandma Chen had only just left the hospital, now he was sent back — ironically — to the same room. Grandpa Chen was also diagnosed with Parkinson’s. It almost felt like too big of a joke. Life had already taken his beloved wife away, now it’s even trying to rip away his memories of her. That, was unacceptable. He had to fight on for her memories.

Getting Healthy to Travel the World

Grandpa Chen’s daughter-in-law took him to Liu Shun for treatment. His symptoms of Parkinson’s were improved. Whereas he was constantly afraid of falling while walking with a walker, he could now walk steadily without having to rely on a walker. Moreover, his strength and stamina was improved. Grandpa Chen shared with us during his treatment that whereas he would get tired walking five times around the park, he could now walk ten laps without feeling tired. His goal is to get strong enough so that he could honor the promise he made to his wife, by going on the trip with her.

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