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A 90-year-old Grandma’s Return to Youth


Name:Grandma Li



Symptom(s):Waist & lower body weakness, requires walker and back support brace

Treatment period:Apr. 23 - May 3, 2019 (11 days, 6 treatments)

The 90-year-old grandma and grandpa Li have been a loving and happy couple for many years. They were the fairytale story, the sweet old couple you would see in movies dancing to a slow song staring lovingly into each other’s eyes even after years of being together. When grandpa Li fell in the shower and injured his head causing him to become paralyzed in the left side of his body, grandma Li accompanied her husband to every treatment here at Liu Shun. She was there every step of her husband’s recovery and watched as her husband gradually improved: regaining strength in his arms and legs, becoming less dependent from the feeding tube and eventually, the removal of the feeding tube. She was a first witness to the effectiveness of the treatment, and her husband’s results convinced her to start a similar treatment for stroke prevention.

Look at how lovingly they stare into each others' eyes

Pre-treatment, grandma Li always walked with a bent back due to old age, and had to rely on a back support belt and walker. After just two injections, grandma Li was able to straighten her back and no longer require a walker nor the back support. “I feel young again!” grandma Li says with a laugh.

It’s been a year since grandpa and grandma Li’s initial treatment, and the two remained our model patients who consistently come back for follow-ups treatments. Despite all they’ve been through, their unchanging love remained evident in the way they look at each other.

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