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Paralyzed by Three Strokes, Now Walking Again!

Name:Mr. Jiang Age:71


Diagnosis:Ischemic Stroke

Date of Diagnosis:July 6th, 2019

Chronic Disease:hypertension, hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia

Treatment period:Aug. 8 to Sep. 2, 2019 (25 days, 10 treatments)

Mr. Chiang's first visit

You’ve heard of a second stroke, I’ve had three

Mr. Jiang from Nantou, was a former taxi driver who was used to working through the night. After retirement, he picked-up farming and was working every day in the boiling heat under the scorching sun. His existing chronic disease and heart condition, ventricular hypertrophy, already put him at risk of developing stroke. Along with his labor-intensive work in intense heat, his body eventually gave in. What came next was a 20-year battle with stroke.

Jiang began his battle with stroke 20 years ago. His first stroke greatly impacted his mental status. He suffered from impaired vision, and started having trouble recognizing friends. What’s more, the stroke had impaired his logic so much that he had to give up his favorite pastime, Mahjong, because it was clear that he would not win another game.

5 years ago, in 2015, he had a second stroke. Though luckily, the experience of the first stroke allowed him to react quick enough to make it to the hospital within the “three-hour prime treatment time,” but wasn’t enough to stop the stroke from happening. Jiang was put in thrombolytic therapy, and was discharged from the hospital after 15 days.

Mr. Chiang's second treatment at Liu Shun
Mr. Chiang's second treatment at Liu Shun

Three years later, Jiang suffered from yet another stroke — his third — in July of 2019. Post-stroke, he started experiencing symptoms such as dizziness, tension in the lower body, and difficulty walking. Unfortunately, the third time was not the charm. Unable to receive thrombolytic therapy for missing his “three-hour prime treatment time,” there was no other treatment for Jiang. The right side of his body became semi-paralyzed.

While Mr. Jiang was battling with his disease, Mrs. Jiang was fighting one of her own. Couldn’t bear to see her husband suffer anymore, Mrs. Jiang was set on finding him a cure, something the hospital was clearly unable to provide. As if it was destiny, Mrs. Jiang learned about the Liu Shun stroke treatment through the family of Jiang’s next-bed neighbor.

江先生持續規律回診 已擺脫輪椅自行走路
Mr. Chiang could walk independently with a walker

I went from paralyzed in a wheelchair to standing up to walk in a year

It was Father’s Day in Taiwan when Jiang came to Liu Shun for the first time.

Upon first impression, Jiang was pale, weak, and tired. Sitting in his wheelchair, he could hardly support his own weight, much less sit up straight. Every few minutes, Mrs. Jiang, besides him, had to pull him back up to stop Jiang from sliding completely off his chair. It was a harsh sight to take in, especially considering the occasion being Father’s Day.