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The Treatment Worth Travelling 12,233 km For


Name:Mr. Liu



Diagnosis:Ischemic Stroke

Date of Diagnosis:January 30th, 2017

Chronic Disease:None

Treatment period: Jul. 7-28, 2017 (21 days, 10 treatments)

**Botox injection treatment the week before (may affect muscle improvement)**

The cost of ignoring small indications

From the United States, Mr. Liu is someone that enjoys living a healthy lifestyle. He doesn’t drink or smoke, nor does he have any chronic disease, yet somehow, the “silent killer” brain stroke still came knocking. On a day just like any other day, Liu woke up to get ready for work. That morning, as he washes his face, he noticed in the mirror that his mouth seemed a little slanted. He thought he had imagined it, and on a second glance, it seemed to have gone back to normal. So, he left for work without giving it much thought.

The next day, Liu noticed a different sensation while writing; his colleagues even commented on his handwriting getting messier, which was when he realized that something might be wrong. After work, he hurried to have it checked-out, only to be diagnosed with — Ischemic stroke. It isn’t hard to imagine the utter shock Liu was left feeling, when the doctor told him that he had missed his “3-hour treatment prime period” and cannot be treated with thrombolytic therapy. There’s nothing else he could do except to pour his heart and soul into physical therapy for the next six month. After that, there would actually be nothing he could do. Or so he thought…

Is there really nothing else?

After diagnosis, Liu had a hard time accepting the reality. Why, of all people, would he be the one? Other than the mental torment, he was also constantly in tremendous physical pain. He did not go a day without suffering from severe dizziness and back pain. Even the simple act of yawning would send him down a spiral of unbearable pain. The pain was so bad he could no longer sleep at night, which led to serious insomnia. The never ending torture almost drove him so close to the edge he even considered ending his own life.

Mrs. Liu could not bear to see her husband in so much pain. They tried everything from western medicine to physical therapy, from acupuncture to massage therapy, but nothing worked. After three months of continuous tiresome trying, Mrs. Liu gave up on any existing treatments in the States and started looking online, which was when she stumbled upon the treatment at 6 Shun Clinic in the tiny island of Taiwan. After reading all the testimonies on the website, she made the international call that immediate night.

It takes just 21 days to treat symptoms that had persisted for 6 months

Mr. Liu said that the 16-hour travel was well worth it. His symptoms were greatly reduced. Not only did his dizziness and back pain almost completely disappear, his muscle power (grip) increased by: 6.3 kg on the right and 9.2 on the left. Most thankfully, he could now sleep soundly at night.

Liu wrote in his appreciation letter to 6 Shun how thankful he was to witness all these improvements in himself. His happiness is one that we could all witness and share. Liu also promised to share with us any further improvements, and we cannot wait to hear from him!

Medical Trivia

Often, stroke patients experience abnormal spasms in areas of the hands, causing the palm or fingers to tense up and unable to open, which is why they often have clawed fingers or twisted wrists. The same is also true for the lower limbs. Tension and severe spasms in the lower limbs forces patients to walk on their tiptoes, which results in deformed steps and posture, shortened muscles, and joint contracture, posing a serious strain on bones, joints and ligaments.

If stretching, therapy and oral medications fail to release the tension or relieve the spasm in patients’ muscles, physicians would sometimes recommend the botulinum toxin type A (BoNTA) treatment, injecting Botox into the muscles to block the nerve from sending signals to the muscles, thus relieving muscles from spasms and tension to assist with physical therapy.

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