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Mahjong Master Loses His Right Hand

Name:Mr. Wu



Diagnosis:Ischemic Stroke

Date of Diagnosis:January 2017

Chronic Disease:hypertension, hyperlipidemia, poor renal function

Treatment period:Jan. 26 - Feb. 17, 2017 (22 days, 10 treatments)

Some mahjong is fun, but staying up all not might be too much fun

Mr. Wu was one of those mahjong master you would see in Kung Fu movies. He would often spend hours on end at his friends house immersed in the complex game of skill and chance. One night, as he hung out at his friend’s for a game of mahjong as per usual, he felt his right arm grow unusually stiff. Mind focused on the win within reach, he brushed the feeling off as a posture problem. Yet, the weird sensation persisted for hours and grew significantly worse to the point where his arm started to feel limp. Sensing something might be wrong, Wu finally went to the hospital, where he was told that he has had an ischemic stroke.

From a dispirited man to a happy jogger

After staying at the hospital for a few days, a friend referred Wu to Liu Shun. In Wu’s first visit to the clinic, his many symptoms post-stroke, including paralyzed right upper limb, weak right lower limb, slurred speech, choking, and drooling, clearly dispirited him.

However, by his first check-up post-treatment on March 30th, he could hardly mask his excitement and was quick to share with us all his improvements. After 22 days, not only could Wu raise his arm completely, he could walk approximately 200 meters without a walker, and could even jog for a little bit!

Back in the mahjong game!

“He is too stubborn,” Wu’s daughter shrugs, “Even though dad always complained (with occasional swearing, might I add) that the treatment doesn’t work, he knows full well that with each treatment, he could raise his arm higher, stand on his legs longer. We could all see it.” She chuckles, “Not to mention he is back at his mahjong games now.”

“Three-hour treatment primetime is some bullsh*t”

During Wu’s check-up, he shared with Dr. Wang many details about what it was like for him in the hospital when he first had a stroke. “I got to the hospital alright, but apparently not fast enough for a treatment.” Because he hadn’t made it to the hospital within three hours of his initial stroke, there was nothing the hospital could do except to put him in rehabilitation. “When my friend came to visit me in the hospital, he told me about Liu Shun,” Wu said, “I thought, what the hell, might as well bet on the chances and give it a try. I’m lucky that I did, otherwise I probably would have never gotten better. It’s crazy that not more people know about your treatment, Dr. Wang. You need to work harder and let people out there know that the ‘three-hour treatment primetime’ is some bullsh*t.”

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