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Dear you all of Liu-shun members After I being a stroke patient,and getting many differents,like western American medical treatment , Chinese traditional acupunture, massage threapy and rehabilitation for 5 months,still they didn’t fix my dizziness,cramp, and pain from the stroke.My wife and I were so desperate totally……

Finally,we got the  Liu-shun information from google. We had searched many times,and we made the decision to return to Taiwan to receive treatments from Liu Shun Clinic to anyone who need to come here to receive treatment.Thank you all.          




王院長、謝主任及各位醫護人員、工作人員們: 您們好!時間過得很快,十個療程一轉眼結束了,雖然我的症狀還沒完全恢復,但已經治癒我最痛苦的頭暈、抽筋及睡眠問題,這些在美國都始終未能得到改善。謝謝您們為我所做的醫療及照顧。祝福您們,上帝保佑你們。 劉德民 2017/07/28

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