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A Soldier’s Way Back to Dignity

Name:Mr. Li



Diagnosis:Ischemic Stroke

Date of Diagnosis:November 4th, 2015

Chronic Disease:hypertension, hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia

Treatment period:Nov 10 to Dec 9, 2015 (29 days, 13 treatments)

It happens to even the healthiest of us

66 year-old Li is a veteran who kept up with a strict routine even after he retired from the military. He never skipped a day of exercising and was known among his friends for being the disciplined “health nut.” Li’s physical fitness was something that he had always been proud of. Thus, when he felt a sudden sense of numbness in the left side of his body during a family gathering one day, he brushed it off. “It’s probably nothing,” he thought to himself, confident in his consistent healthy routine. However, an hour later, he was rushed to the hospital after he had fainted in front of all his family and friends.

The diagnosis from the hospital was that he had suffered from an ischemic stroke, which completely paralyzed the left side of his body. From then on, Li’s life depended on the assistance of others. He required help to perform even the most mundane tasks, such as eating and bathing. Once an honorable military man, Li felt like he was stripped off of everything that once defined him.

Beginning of a journey based on trust and determination

However, not even a disease could stop a determined soldier. After tireless searching and asking around, from a trusted friend, Li learned of Liu Shun. He resolutely left the hospital after he was discharged from the ICU. He chose to believe in Dr. Wang and Liu Shun’s years of experience. And had also made up his mind that he would stand back up again.

Where there is a will, there is a way

In his near one-month-long treatment, Li went from complete paralysis to being able to stand and walk. We were not only amazed by the huge progress he had made, but perhaps more so, his radiating positivity throughout treatment that was oh-so-rare.

When asked about his positive mindset, he answered simply, “I believe in Dr. Wang.” He took a moment to reflect and said, “I could feel that Dr. Wang genuinely wants to help me. He was always so patient to explain the treatment to me and was always so encouraging of me. Because of that, I had complete trust in him.

“I did everything as he said. You have to understand, that wasn’t easy,” he laughed. “A two-hour physical therapy could feel like a lifetime, especially to someone like me whose age was above the age of 60. However, all I had to do was to remind myself that I am a military man, and we soldiers don’t ever give up! I was determined to do everything in my power to return my life to normal.” And that he did. We all watched as Li walked out of Liu Shun, our eyes dampened by tears of admiration.

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