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11-day Miracle Treatment for Regaining Confidence

Name:Ms. Xu



Disease Type:Facial Paralysis

Date of Diagnosis:2010

Chronic Disease:Hyperlipidemia

Treatment period:June 19 to 30, 2017 (11 days, 6 treatments)

7 years of ineffective treatment, she was losing hope

When Ms. Xu was first diagnosed with facial palsy in 2010, she was proactive to keep up her electrical stimulation treatment and oral medications. To no avail, her condition remained more or less the same. Which was why it felt like a miracle, after 7 years of ineffective treatments right when she was about to give up, to find 6 Shun Clinic just around the corner of her residence. She decided to give one last shot at treatment before completely giving up.

Improvements she thought was impossible

Slanted mouth, piercing pain on her forehead, and involuntary closing of the right eye were all symptoms of facial palsy of which she had been living with for the past 7 years. Along with frequent headaches of 20+ years, the daily battle with these symptoms made her depressed and anxious. She has lost her confidence and has forgotten what it feels to be happy.

Her treatment at 6 Shun lasted for a brief 11 days, during which she visited 6 Shun 6 times, getting a shot every other day. Compared to the seven long tiresome years of searching for a cure, the treatment here at 6 Shun was exceptionally short, lasting for barely two weeks, but with surprising results. The tension in her lower limbs, as well as spasms, improved by a miraculous 50%, moreover, the 20+ year headache she’s been having since her 20s, almost never happens anymore.

Ms. Xu could not imagine life if she hadn’t taken this last shot. Thinking back, she was glad she gave herself a chance at rebuilding confidence. She has recollected the courage to smile, and to face the world with eyes wide open.

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