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堅信一切,奇蹟就會出現!A Treatment in Taiwan Saved Me From Surgeries


姓名:翁先生 Name:Mr. Weng

年齡:73歲 Age:73

性別: Gender:Male

疾病類型:冠狀動脈心臟病 Diagnosis:Coronary Artery Disease

疾病確診日:未知 Date of Diagnosis:N/a

慢性疾病:高血脂 Chronic Disease:hyperlipidemia



治療前108年09月04日 治療後:108年09月21日

右側耳鳴(長達約20年) 右側耳鳴改善50%

雙側肩頸痠痛緊繃 雙側肩頸痠痛緊繃改善95%

胸悶胸痛 胸悶胸痛療程中皆未發生

手不自主發抖 手不自主發抖改善50%

Treatment period:Sep 4-21, 2019 (18 days, 10 treatments)

Pre-treatment:2019.09.04 Post-treatment: 2019.09.21

Tinnitus (right ear): 20+ years 50% improvement

Both shoulders tension & pain 95% improvement

Chest tightness/pain Never happened during treatment

Involuntary hand tremor 50% improvement



73-year-old Mr. Weng had never been to Taiwan. When he finally flew from Malaysia to Taiwan, it was not for a vacation but for a-hundred-year-old special treatment only available in Taiwan, developed by the Liu Shun Clinic. Prior to the trip, Weng was told that there were 4 places of blockage of up to 85-90% in the vessels in his heart. Despite his doctors in Malaysia urging him to undergo coronary angioplasty and stent insertion surgeries, Weng firmly refused. Weng’s heart was set on the Liu Shun treatment and the treatment only!


According to Weng, he first heard of the treatment at Liu Shun when he personally witnessed its effects on his friend. After Weng’s friend and his wife went through the Liu Shun treatment, not only did they look better and more energized, the chest pain they often complained of had gone away as well. Seeing is believing, Weng dropped everything immediately and hopped on a plane to Taiwan.


The 18-day treatment was probably the happiest Weng had been in a long time. The immediate day following his first treatment, Weng was out all day touring around Tainan without any of his regular chest pain. During his treatment, he also travelled long-distance to cities such as Taichung and Kaohsiung, something he could never dream of pre-treatment. It felt to him like a dream-come-true.